Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Someday my princess will come...

But it wasn't today. As much as I would prefer not to have another holiday baby (come on, a baby on Christmas Eve is enough), I really hope I go into labor tonight. I was up last night for about 2 hours with strong and painful contractions, but they were 20-25 minutes apart - and obviously, eventually subsided. Actually, thinking I was going to go to the hospital last night helped me get a few things done around the house today, just in case it happens tonight.

The kid's valentines are in their backpacks, their clothes are laid out, I was planning to do Abby's hair before she went to bed (in a non-sleep destructing way - it is possible) but the kids were too cranky (or was that me) and I sent them to bed early - again.

Well, my sweet hubby arranged for a massage for me ( and him) tonight and I need my beauty rest so I'm out of here - night!


Fronk Family said...

Valentines isn't too bad for a holiday birthday. I'm just glad mine isn't on Christmas! Andraia's is sometimes on Mother's Day and Chloe's is the day before Easter this year. At least those only happen occasionally!

Happy Valentines Day!

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Maybe a massage will speed things along. You never know. I hope it is relaxing, maybe you should have another one AFTER the Princess comes.

Good luck and Happy Valentine's Day