Saturday, June 22, 2013

Hello! hello....hello....hello...

That would be the sound of no one still reading this blog.  I think we may be reaching the year mark from the last post.  So sad.  Many things get put on the back burner of life - blogging happens to be one of them for me!  I do miss it so....I still blog in my head - too bad no one ever hears it!

But I do have little news to share if anyone is really out there (and never on FB).  We're leaving paradise and headed back to the mainland.  Southern Utah to be exact - I've stopped saying St. George because if you live on Maui and you're not Mormon you don't know where St. George is.  We don't have jobs or a house yet, but we know it's time to be close to family - so off we go.  We're all excited to get there and get settled.  This last month since school let out has been craa-zy getting the cars and container and people organized.  We couldn't have done it without the help of my parents who came out to visit for a few weeks.  They literally packed up all my classroom stuff, they did all the repairs around the house, and packed up most of the container with us before they left.  Not to mention entertaining 4 crazed kiddos who believed the were going to die of boredom only a few days into summer vacation!  I'm sure they slept for days when they got home.

Speaking of the container - here's what it looked like right before it was hauled away:

Oh and then, just for good measure we added one more twin sized mattress in the few inches we had left:

16 feet of junk!  OK, so it's not all junk - and we did actually get rid of a lot of stuff, but man, how did we fit it in our tiny house?  I'll never know.  But even with the little stuff we have left to sell our house still seems to be cluttered. 

We also sent the minivan off a couple of weeks ago, which was a whole snafu in and of itself, but it will be ready and waiting when we arrive in LA next week.  Our container should actually be in San Diego by then as well.  Then it's into a U-Haul and we'll all drive to St. George.  There it will go into a storage unit until we find a permanent place to live (I don't think the in-laws want to us living in their house forever).  I don't even want to think about all that yet - it's stressful enough thinking about getting through this week!

Just for fun, here are a few more pics from the camera so you can see what else we've been up to lately:

Danielle and Juliana striking a pose!

The butterfly that hatched in my classroom.  A white monarch - very cool!

Juliana graduating from preschool!

Abi with Hello Kitty and her favorite Science teacher, Mr. Yeaney.  He's pretty awesome!

The kids with their wrestling coach! 

Abi got her ears pierced for her 12th birthday!

Isaac and his Lego mosaic of Cameron that he made for Father's Day.