Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A little humor from the classroom


Obviously the blog has taken a back burner to - oh, I don't know - everything else in my life!! But I blog in my head ALL the time - about everything. Too bad I can't just upload it all at the end of the day real quick, though you might get bored hearing about planning lessons and cooking dinner and nagging the kids to clean up or put their laundry away - real exciting stuff, ya know?

Anyway. I - well, Juliana - was just watching "Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That" and they were talking about camouflage and it reminded me of a little funny at school today.

My not so little kinder babies are all growed up now and working on writing sentences on their own - spelling phonetically the words they don't know. We decorated fish today and then they had to write a sentence about their fish. My favorite was:

"My fish has kamofloss."

Not that I could spell camouflage right {seriously the spell checker had to fix it BOTH times I've typed it here}, but it brought a little chuckle. At least he didn't take the easy way out and say "spots" or "dots" like most of the class (because we know all the sounds in those words).

Life here is good - We've only got 11 days of school left! Crazy, can't believe the year is almost over. And I am getting a real room next year - though only because my good friend is moving to mainland - but I'm more than happy to hand over the portable classroom to whomever the "new" teacher will be. I kind of feel bad for her (him?) but not bad enough to give them my new real room:) But the point is I will be working hard to get my things packed up and ready for the custodians to move {Man, I wouldn't want their jobs - they work SUPER hard all of the summer to get everyone's stuff where it needs to be all the while deep cleaning and dealing with stressed-out and crabby teachers that want back in their rooms already!}. And I have LOTS of ides for next year swimming around in my head - I can't get them out fast enough. It doesn't help that I've discovered a whole new reason to be addicted to reading blogs - teachers!! So many great ones out there and they are more than happy to share what they do and how they do it.

I'm excited for next year - now that I've got a year under my belt in a super environment with a great team of teachers to work with. The dynamics of the school will be totally different next year for many reasons (new principal - we don't know who yet - new curriculum coordinators, 2 new kinder teachers - 7 of our current 9 are returning next year - AND new standards - Hawaii is switching to Common Core for K-2 next year) , but at least I've don't it all once, kind of:)

OK, got to get this last little lamb to bed so I can load the dishes and get myself to bed. Thank my lucky stars that I have a dishwasher now..... I think I would die without it!