Sunday, February 24, 2008

Drumroll please.....

We have a name folks! Some of you may not realize just how excited we are to have picked out a name this early in our child's life. Saying that we have a hard time naming our children is the understatement of the century. Poor Isaac had so many different names that friends and family would call us to find out the "name of the day" and whether yesterdays had finally stuck. We've had to legally change all of our children's names once we settled on the right one.

So now your all just dying to know her name - if you didn't just skip over the boring babbling and jump right to this paragraph. OK, I'll stop babbling now.

Her name is Juliana AnuenueLani Peterson - pronounced Julie-on-ah (see previous post for middle name pronounciation - you know that you love my pronounciation guides) And yes, it's an enormous mouthful, but it fits and it works. But do keep in mind that no official paperwork has been handed in to the great state of Hawaii's Department of Health Services just yet. I think the hospital tried to call me yesterday to bully me into telling them a name, but I missed the call - oops!

We did take some more cute pics this weekend and I will try to get them posted soon, but the camera's all the way in the kitchen (all of 10 feet away, if that) and I don't want to get up off my sore rearend to get it just now, so you'll have to wait.

Well, I have homeowork to finish and baby to wake, feed, change, and put back to sleep before I can sleep myself, so I'd better hop to it.


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Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Bless your little heart and your sore rearend too. Love the name and can't wait for the pictures.