Sunday, February 17, 2008

A relaxing Sabbath day

With no news to share, yet. We only had 8 kids in nursery today and they were actually pretty well behaved. So that certainly didn't put me in labor. Then we got home from church and the hospital calls and asks if I would rather be induced on Monday - they expect Tuesday to be very busy (I'm not really sure how or why the know this....). Of course I want to go in Monday instead! But Cameron would kill me! He's counting on having the office to himself tomorrow afternoon, since its a holiday, to get some work done. He's already freaking out about it being Tuesday. But I can't take it any more. And even though my last 2 babies were tiny (both under 6 pounds), they were also 2 and 3 weeks early. I have a feeling this one will be bigger than Abby at 7lb. 7 oz. and I don't really want her getting any bigger. And I would really like to sleep! Even if for short periods of time!

Let's just say it took a lot of will power to turn down the offer of getting induce a day earlier.

And now I'm really ready. My wonderful visiting teachers have vollunteered to feed my family dinner while I'm in the hospital, and then we will also get a few meals from the Relief Society when I get home. I feel so blessed to be in our ward here. I don't even feel like I know all that many people since I've been in nursery since July and we only moved here in April, but aparently a pregnant woman who is willing to deal with their screaming 18mo-3 yr olds is recognizable. Maybe I just feel like I don't know that many people because I only recognize them by sight, or sight of their little ones, and not necessarily by name. And honestly, some names I just plain can't remember, but I'm getting there.

Well, I'm just babbling on and on now. Maybe I'll go put some of those clothes away and be productive!

Only 1 more day!

PS - Auntie, if you had been born a day earlier you wouldn't have the joy of sharing your birthday with yours truely!


Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Lisa, dear, "The Wooden Leg" has been posted on my site. I don't know if it is funny or not but I did my best. And I stayed up until almost 1:00 AM doing it, just for you,

I love you. Good luck in the next couple of days.

Auntie Lynne

Fronk Family said...

I'm so amazed that you were able to turn down that one day reprieve from pregnancy. You have more willpower than me!

I'm so glad your ward is good to you! We miss you here. You deserve someone to take care of you!