Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Just wanted to welcome everyone to 2010 - may this coming year bring blessing and success in all the ways that truly matter to you and your families.

Our family had got to take a trip to the mainland to visit with all the grandparents and my Nana. We had SOOO much fun, and packed our short 10 day trip full of playing with cousins and just having a good time together as extended family. We are so blessed to be able to see most of our extended family at least once a year - not an easy, or cheap, feat for a family of 6. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Lambarth for the wonderful trip.

It's always nice to visit the mainland - and to pick up a few choice items that are hard to locate or way to expensive to buy here - but it always surprises me how much I'm glad to be HOME when we come back to Hawaii. I love Hawaii, but there is something about coming home to the tropical air - the humidity (my skin was sucking up the moisture as soon as we were outside - it's DRY in Utah), the smell, the balmy temperature - I always miss it more than I thought I would. It's just nice to be reassured that Hawaii really is home. Maybe we won't live here forever, but I sure would miss it.

So I guess you could gather from all that we made it home safe and sound and just in time to watch everyone's fireworks on the drive home. I think the little shows here and there along the road home were better than any big show all at once. And amazingly all the children went straight from the car to bed without a peep and didn't wake up until 6am - which isn't too bad considering the time difference factors. Hopefully that means we can be back on "Hawaii" time by tomorrow morning.

Well, I have suitcases to unpack and groceries to buy ..... hmmm, hope Foodland is open today:)