Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Wednesday's Totally Useless Trivia About Lisa

I love the way the restroom at the Laie Hawaii Visitor's Center smells. I'm sure that sounds strange, but it's true. We were at the kids' last baseball game today (for WAY longer than should have been necessary) and of course someone needed to use the bathroom, even though I made them all go before we left. And, of course the restrooms at the Park never seem to be unlocked. After (vainly) checking around for a secluded bush I loaded Danielle into the car - luckily Cam was there, too, so I only had to take her - and we started to drive home (and don't think I didn't continue looking for that bush along the way). When we can to the temple I decided that the visitor's center was better than the literally one more min drive to get home, so we pulled in and used their bathroom. And it smelled so good. I'm going to have to go back and ask them what brand of air freshener they use...


Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

You are like totally weird, my friend. Totally. Bathroom sniffing weird.

Happy almost-birthday to you.
Happy you're-almost-a-year-older birthday to you.
Happy you-look-so-fabulous-and-are-so-fabulous birthday, dear Lisa.
Happy I-love-you-the-most, birthday, to you.

And many more.

On channel four.

Tevita and Liz said...

i like this piece of trivia, lisa!

i love the smell of a clean bathroom!! which is only once a week in my house! word it, martha stewart cleans her whole bathroom everyday. so she does get that clean fresh smell all the time!

ok, sorry about my tangent! looking forward to more trivia!