Sunday, June 22, 2008

Pony Rides and Butterflies

Yesterday we went to a birthday party for some friends of ours. It was at the Gunstock Ranch - located right here in Laie, they offer horse riding, swimming and loads of other stuff I'm sure. My kids were most excited for the "pony rides" - well actually they were horses, but somehow ponies are more appealing to kids.

Here are a few pics - at first Isaac didn't want to go at all and the girls were scard so they went together. Then the girls told Isaac how much fun it was so they all went back and rode by themselves. They loved it.

They've been talking about going back all day today, but I don't think we will be going anytime soon - they don't break out the "ponies" for just anyone passing by.

We also went to the beach yesterday - it was a great day for snokeling - but of course as soon as we got there and all suited up the clouds rolled over and it rained. But Cam said he saw a few cool things, a couple turtles and lots of fish. He took an underwater camera with him, so we'll have to see what develops (haha, get it).

After that exhausting day of being outdoors you would think my children would pass out, but so such luck - well, 1 of the 4 did (and it wasn't the baby), but the other 3 were bouncing off the walls. While I was trying to get them to sit down long enough to eat some dinner, my friend Ema came over to show us something - cool enough that I just had to share:

A friend of hers that is a make-up artist did it. The picture does not do it justice. It was the most beautiful butterfly and it was all sparkly and everything. I'm glad that I thought to take a picture of it.

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