Friday, June 13, 2008


I'm just full of all sorts of stuff today - all those things that I've been promising, or meaning to post, but just haven't gotten around to. So here they are:

#1 - Isaac's baseball video. I think I've been promising this one for a month. I didn't even take the video, all I had to do was upload it from my email, but somehow I just haven't gotten to it until now. Thanks to my friend Lindsey whose son is on Isaac's team - she captured this great moment that we can all now share.

Isaac making his hit off the T and running all the way to third - way to go Isaac!

Then the short run home:

#2 - My cutest, chubby baby. Juliana is of course growing by the minute, that's just how babies grow, but I swear this one has more baby fat than the other 3 ever did. So here's a few pics to show off her sweet chubbiness.

Look at those knuckle dimples - so cute!

And of course the chunky thighs - and keep in mind that there are two more rolls just like it inside her diaper!

#3 - Yet another nose injury - and yes, this one involves Danielle, again. Sigh..... I don't think this one hurt as bad, but it looks nastier. This time she fell down that last stair of our building stairway - the stairs are cement with that annoying metal tread on the ends so you don't slip when they are wet. Of course she managed to scrap the same exact spot on her nose right across one of those metal treads. I was not a witness to the accident, but from the crying (and the fakeness thereof) I'm postitive that it didn't hurt as much as it looks like it should have. She was more worried about the "bleed" and getting a bandaid than the actual pain.

#4 - All those stinkin' projects I've been working on. I failed to take pics of the items I made for my Close to My Heart stamp of the month swaps, but I will when I get everything back. But I did take a pic of the layout that I made for our Fouth of July Secret Sister swap in the scrapbooking group I was in in Utah (hope that all made sense). So here's the layout - oh and I got to use my Cricut that I got for my birthday - love it!!!

Sorry, I totally didn't crop the pics - I'm being lazy today. They are just straight off my camera. But they do match - I promise! All the supplies are Close to My Heart - the colors are White Daisy, Cranberry, Outdoor Denim, Indian Corn Blue, Honey and the patterned paper is from the new kit Blue Ribbon.

And of course I've been going a little apron crazy around here, too, so here are a few of the creations that I've made in the last month.

This is the one that I made for the apron swap hosted by A Feathered Nest

I love the way it turned out. And I made a necklace to match - where is the pic I took of that? I'll have to find it later.

This one I made for fun and then gave it to a friend - but she doesn't know it yet, it's still on it's way to her. This one has a ruffle on the bottoma and is reversable - completely the floral print on the other side.

This one I thinkthis last one is my favorite - I made it for my friend Larisa for her bridal shower. I made some modifications after making the first 2: I made the ties longer, I like the way they hang down further; I also made it longer in general - it's about mid calf length instead of knee length; and lastly I made the sides wrap around further, because as I was trying on the others I realized that I tend to wipe my hands on the side of my legs and they weren't covered enough. Anyway - I like the way it looks and fits better.

All the aprons were way super simple to make - and I have fabric to make a few more. I'll have to see what I come up with next. but really, once the pieces are cut and ironed it only takes about 15 minutes of sewing to finish them. Even with the cutting and ironing I bet I could make one in under an hour (not counting clean up time) even while being distracted by kids.

OK, I think that's it for now. I'm sure I have more that I could share, but I have other things I need to do with my day. Have I mentioned that my house is a complete disaster area? I know - I have 4 kids and no space, it's to be expected. But I would like to be able to walk from one room to another - or even to the front door - without having to shove something out of the way, or trip over something, or even just eithout steping on something that may or may not be a cochroach..... Ew, I know - and keep in mind that the house isn't dirty, just a mess, but we live in Hawaii, so there's going to be bugs no matter how spotless I (might, someday) manage to get this place!

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