Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Going Postal

I hate going to the post office. Especially here - who told them that they could just close up shop at 3:30 and go home? I don't care that that is when the truck comes to take the mail into town (Honolulu). Why can't they just stay open until 5 like the normal world and just collect mail for the next day's run? That's what they do in post offices all over the country. That's the North Shore for you.
Now the banks closing early - that bugs, too, but at least it make sense - they have to deal with other banks/businesses on the mainland that close up shop when it's still early here. But shouldn't that mean the bank should be opening earlier, too? Like that's ever going to happen:)

But the point is that I did manage to get the PO at 3:15 and mailed off all but 2 (out of 6) packages that have been needed to go postal for a while now. I got my apron swap apron off (a day late), my scrapbooking swaps - 2 of them - off (2 days late), and a birthday present for a friend that's been ready to go since Memorial Day. Now I just have a baby gift (Alesha, have you had that baby yet? I hope so) and a scrapbook layout to get in the mail (sorry, LeeAnn, it's coming - I'm definitely not the world's greatest secret sister, but I'll make it up to you!).

At some point too much crafting becomes a chore and is no longer fun. I haven't quite reach that mark, but I'm getting awfully close!

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