Monday, January 7, 2008

I'm still alive!

So I've been totally neglecting my blogging responsibilities lately. I've been planning to post a New Year's Resolution post, but have I had two seconds to even sit down and think about what those might be? No. Maybe I'll get to it this week (wait, school starts on Wednesday, so don't count on it).

In the meantime - I want to know what you are having for dinner tonight. I'm sick of making the same old lame things.

Let's make it more interesting - I'll make it a contest. I know there aren't many of you that actually look at my blog, so it will just be a little one. And I'll send a little treat to whomever wins.

Here's the rules:
1. Add a comment on this post with your entry.
2. I want to know what you're having for dinner TONIGHT - Monday, January 7th. You don't have to post it tonight - but what you really ate - not your family's favorite, not you're old stand by - the real deal.
3. I will give you until Jan. 20 to post - that's almost 2 weeks and then I will choose the one who wins - totally up to me with no reasons why it wins.
4. If I don't know you and you just enjoy reading my babbling, feel free to enter, too. Just make sure you give me a way to reach you (like an email, etc) if I happen to pick you as the winner.

Sounds fair, right? If not, well, too bad, life's not fair (and then you die - as we used to say as kids)

I'll go first - Here's what we're having tonight:
Lil' Smokies and rice - I know it sounds weird, but people here eat it a lot (hotdogs and rice, sauage and rice, etc), with ketcup as a side dish (not really, but...) - we'll be having orange slices on the side (for some nutritional value). We usually have polish keilbasa with rice, but the lil' smokies were on sample at Sam's club today and the kids wanted those instead - really it's cheaper in the long run, so it all works out. And as a side note we will probably be having fried rice in a couple of days with the leftover rice and smokies with a little soy sauce, egg, corn and peas.

See, it can't get much worse than that - Cameron is working late, so I can get away with a dinner like that. I do have a couple of chicken breasts that I should throw in the oven for him later.

So leave a comment with your humble dinner for the evening and you never know what I might send you in the mail.

Oh, and I still haven't sent out my Christmas Cards - so if you usually get one and are wondering if you've some how offended me, no worry, they are just being sent out late - as always, just REALLY late this year....


The Reading Woman said...

For dinner I went to Laie Chop Suey and had the Wor Won Ton Soup. It was delicious! I can't make soup that good, so I have to buy it.

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

We had:
broiled chicken thighs
Twice baked potatoes
salad with Cafe Rio dressing and Catalina dressing
French bread
carrot sticks
I'd like to say we had cherry cream cheese pie but we didn't but I took that to the neighbor, who was sick--along with everything else we had. I looked at it longingly as it went out the door. Like I NEED cherry cream cheese pie. I used the last of the lemon juice anyway and forgot to buy more when I was at the store a half hour ago.

I am so happy to see you blogging again. I think I haven't missed a day for a while. I even learned how to post pictures.

Good luck with school! Tell Cameron his Auntie thinks of him often. We were talking about him today with Sharee and Uncle Phil said Cameron would give the shirt off his back to someone who needed it. You would too. I don't know, Lisa, you better not. The bra thing and all.

Adios Weight said...

went to Costco and got pizza and frozen yogurt!

Ashley said...

Hi Lisa! We have chicken burritos with rice. They are really easy to should try it. All you do is put chicken in the crock pot and pour some Pace Picante Sauce on top. Cook that for about 4 hour on low and then use a fork and knife to shred it all up and leave it in there for another 1/2 hour. Then you put the chicken in tortillas with cheese, sour cream, guacamole...whatever. They are sooo good. My boys love them. Then I just made some Mexican rice. Yummy!