Tuesday, January 29, 2008

37 weeks and counting

Today I began the longest 3 weeks in any pregnant woman's life - let me explain:

I've finally reached the moment when the baby can now safely make an appearance in the world, relieving my body from it's burdensome baggage. I fondly look forward to nights of comfortable slumber on my stomach and being able to pick up something off the floor without having to contort my body to do it. Or even to just being able to trim my toenails without having to hold my breath while leveraging my foot against something solid so it doesn't fly back out of reach.

Oh wait - I still won't get to do those things. I'll have a baby to take care of! Please stay in there for a few more weeks!

And this is why time ticks by ever so slowly. Really I want this baby out of me - but really I'm not ready to take on another one, am I? The cycle of hoping for labor and hoping for a contraction free day repeats over and over and over and over - at least 10 times a second. I think my brain just automatically does it for me now, so I can think about other things, too. Or maybe that's just natural female multitasking kicking in.

So I'm finally reaching the end of this pregnancy and I don't know whether to panic or rejoice, but I know that it will all work out and that once I see that little face I won't have a second thought about the panic - at least until I get home.

I really wanted to post a picture of my in all my pregnant glory, but it was a rainy (it's not always sunny skies here) all day and I really don't need anyone seeing the inside of my house - even if only in the background of a picture. So maybe I'll get someone to take a picture tomorrow. If I remember.... If I'm not consumed by thought of labor vs. another day of pregnancy.....


Adios Weight said...

I didn't know you were that far along....we need pictures!

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Oh, we've all felt that. To be free of the passenger but it's so much easier to take care of in its passenger state. I remember thinking, "Okay, put the baby back for just 8 hours so I can get something done." but, then you'd be so lonesone you'd say, "Nevermind!"

Good luck. Let me know when you are ready for the wooden leg story. Three weeks?

stampingqueen said...

Give me a week and I'll be ready!
I have Cameron's 40th bday party tomorrow, the car seat is scheduled to be delivered by UPS on Monday - which we have to have before we can take baby home. But I have a mid-term in 3 weeks, so I'd like to be hone in time to at least pretend to study for that.

Get that story ready...

Kerry said...

Hey it's Kerry-so I thought you hadn't written since the beginning because when I open your blog I get your first entry--is there any way to change that? Suppose it's no big deal because I see where your archive is..I was just opening it and seeing the old and just leaving..silly me.

Oh happy Birthday Cameron--Eric had a job interview that day-thought it'd be a double exciting day for both of us..but of coarse we haven't heard back yet.