Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Country Music Lives in Hawaii!

This is probably the most mundane fact about my life right now - except that the dishes need to be done AGAIN - but I happened upon a Country Music radio station while I was driving in Honolulu this week. I'm so excited! So I listened to it most of the way home, but about 20 minutes away I lost the station signal - those darn beautiful mountains. But I did hear them mention the station's website, so I checked it out today and they have streaming radio online. So I can't listen in the car unless I'm closer to Honolulu, but I can listen at home now!

I told you it was really mundane, but I'm glad to have a new variety for cleaning/busy music. If you ever have the desire to listen to the same tunes I hear you can listen at Hawaii's Country Music - the website it's too exciting, but the music's good!


Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Hello, my darling little Aloha niece. I went to the radio station, even turned the speakers on but, since I'm technologically challenged, I hear nothing. I even clicked on something that said something like "listen live" or some such thing.

Anyway, sorry about the DISHES. Not sorry that the radio station had a degree counter that said it was 72 degrees. We have ten inches of snow which is not melting because it is bitter cold.

Love you the mostest!

Adios Weight said...

Happy 1 year to uncle C. I think it has been one year! Time flies so fast. We are excited for your new baby and excited to see you all at the family reunion!