Saturday, September 27, 2008


I swear Christmas starts earlier every year. At some point they are just going to have to leave the Christmas decorations up all year long. Yesterday in one of my classes someone was actually singing a Christmas Carol - in September! I would have just cast it off as a "weird song stuck in your head" type fluke, but when the teacher asked about it she answered "Time to start getting ready." Now come on!

I refuse to let Christmas take over the fall holidays, particularily Halloween, because that's my favorite. No, not because of all the candy, though that is a nice perk, I just like seeing everyone all dressed up. And since we started doing the dressing up as a family thing last year, I'm even more excited for this year. Though I'm getting a late start on the costumes I think I should be able to get them done - provided I don't do anything but necessary homework and sew for the next month! Well, I do have one little birthday party the first week of October (for Danielle) and a big project actually due on Halloween, but I think I'll be able to swing it. I have the party invites almost done and going out on Monday and I have a great partner for my project and we've already been working on it, so it should be smooth sailing for the most part.

Ok, ok, so I know that some of you are probably interested in what we're actually going to be this year, so here's the Peterson family costume unveiling:

The theme this year is The Wizard of Oz
Cameron: the Scarecrow
Lisa: the Wicked Witch of the West
Abby: Dorthy
Isaac: the TinMan
Danielle: Glenda the Good Witch of the North
Juliana: the Lion

We were going to have Juliana be Toto, but Danielle wants to be a witch, but not a bad, spooky one (spooky's her new word). And since I don't see myself pulling off being a lion quite as well as either of the girls could we'll just have to have a stuffed Toto. But seriously, we're going to be awesome. I'm not so stoked about the green makeup, maybe I'll just have my friend make-up my eyes with lots of green shadows and leave it at that. I do have to do a presentation for the project due that day, so I can't go too overboard!

Well, off to not so excited Saturday activities, meaning cleaning out and sorting upstairs - not fun, but really needs to be done, so I guess that's good. Have a lovely weekend.


Tonia said...

I am looking forward to seeing your masterpieces! You never let us down! By the way when do I get to be a favorite fellow blogger? Just kidding!

Liz said...

Can't wait to see the costumes, Lisa!
I just tried to email you the hobo bag pattern and it bounced back. Email me your addy and I'll send you the pattern.

Thanks again for the visit tonight.

Kerry said...

I can't wait to see how you're going to pull it off-good luck.

Karen Lambarth said...

Sounds like an ambitious project, but you always have the greatest ideas!
I'm w/you about Christmas starting to early. In Shanghai our local superstore plays Christmas songs all to often. They are trying to cater to Westerners/Christians!

Mrs. Asaeli said...

I'm gonna miss the trick or treating in Laie!

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

You are amazing, girl. Can't wait to see the costumes. Better put some itch medicine in for the scarecrow, being stuck all over with straw.

And, can you fly? And shrink?

Elise and Danny Neilsen said...

Lisa! I bought Reed a scarecrow costume and my neighbor has a dorthy costume she said I could borrow and I thought of making Danny the tin man! And since you are sooo crafty and creative I thought I would ask you how your doing the tin man costumem for Isaac? Or maybe you bought it? Actually your probably making it, huh?!?! Love the fun updates! Hope all is well.

Fronk Family said...

I love your costume ideas! I wish I could get our family to agree on a 'family theme'. Earl just isn't into dressing up, and Spencer wants to be spooky, scary, 11-year-old boy stuff. Oh Well!