Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Yes, I have a paper due tomorrow. Blogging is one of my favorite procrastinating activities. It's easy to do when I'm already on the computer and get bored with whatever I'm working on.

And besides, many people have been asking how Cameron's interview went - I figured this was the easiest way to answer without emailing a ton of people. He said that everything went really well. They asked basic financial aid questions that he was expecting. That's a good sign that they are seriously looking for experienced people. He also said it seemed like somewhere that he would like to work. The commute would be horrendous and of course he would have to get used to seeing students out of dress code (think BYU standards here) as people tend to wear their bathingsuits and tanktops to class - that's just the norm, for any school near a beach I'm sure. But on the plus side that also means that he can have facial hair - while my mother-in-law prefers her son cleanshaven, I prefer a goatee which he could not have working here at BYU. They said that they would be calling everyone back in about 2 weeks, so really about 4 by Hawaii standards - we're a little more laid back around here:)

For those of you that knew I was taking a test last week - I did really well on the parts that I could get my scores on right away. It will be a couple of weeks before I hear back about the last score. The test was the Praxis I - it's an (standardized) education test, I guess to make sure that we're smart enough to be taught to be teachers. It was actually kind of lame, basically like the SATs or ACTs, basic math, reading, and writing. But then upon graduation teachers take the Praxis II in the areas that they want to be certified in, in my case Elementary Education. But upper level teachers can take subject related tests - it's part of the whole No Child Left Behind thing (a HUGE controvertial subject upon educators) and having to have "highly quailfied" teachers. Obviously having qualified teachers is a great thing, however there are other (many) parts of the NCLB program that a lot of people have issue with. Personally I think the ideas involved in the program are great, working towards a great education system in the country, but unfortunately it was written by lawmakers, not necessarily educators, and execution logistics are not as easy as the look on paper. OK, I could talk about this forever, and I'm sure I only know bits and pieces of the much larger picture, so I'll stop now.

Well, I need to get back to work so that I can go to bed sometime in the near (very distant near) future - how's that for an oxymoron?


Karen Lambarth said...

Good test scores. Sounds like Cameron's interview went will. . . slow feedback though:)
I've heard mostly complaints about NCLB, that's it's good for the students who need the extra support, and slows down other students.
BACK TO WORK on your term paper!
Good writing!

Kerry said...

I don't mind procrastination-plus it gives you a break and a fresh start when you go back to it.

Thanks for the update! Hope everything works out-think the long commute-you guys are just crazy!