Thursday, September 4, 2008

What a response!

Apparently I just need to post really gross/creepy things on my blog to get lots of comments! I'm glad to hear from you all - I didn't even know some of you read my blog! I felt so loved this morning when I opened my email.

While the ants haven't made a reapperance in the bathroom, I did find a new line of a completely different type of ant along the kitchen counter this morning. That one was sprayed without documentation. While it was a decent line of many ants, it just paled in comparison to yesterday's discovery.

And I have to say I'm surprised that no one mentioned my particularly lovely cockroach picture that I linked to my post yesterday - it's a good one! If you missed it, you should click on it, if only to get a friendly hello from a gross critter. (Jess, the boys would LOVE it if you haven't already clicked on it!)

Well, I don't really have anything special to post today, but building off of my Distopic Society post - I did actually find a stray dried spaghetti noodle on the wall the other day when I was scrubbing the kitchen floor. (I know, amazing that I was actually cleaning for floor, but it needed to be done.) So here it is in all it's noodle glory.

Have a happy Thursday!

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Kerry said...

Yeah so there were lots of responses-and now there's NO more posts!

Okay I see how you are...