Saturday, October 4, 2008

Don't Vote....

For all the funky and cool things that I can do with my blog, I have yet to figure out how to get a youtube video on it. I know, I'm lame. But I've had my allotted technological moments for the day and I just plain don't care to figure it out right now.

So anyway - click here to go to my friend Liz's blog (you know the political maniac I mentioned in an earlier post) and watch the video, in it's entirety. Come on, you know you have a few minutes and besides it's cool, so take a look and pass it on - hurry, needs to get everywhere fast.

Make sure you're registered to vote - the deadlines are soon, I know here in Hawaii its on Monday. Do it now.

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Kerry said...

yeah yeah, we just got our forms yesterday Eric's freaking out that it was too late for us to register-thank goodness it's not too late-I'm WAY uninformed..and really not excited to be informed..and Eric says that's SAD.