Friday, April 18, 2008

Spring is in the air...

OK, so the weather's nice here all the time, but you know.
Actually I chose that title because Isaac and Abby have started playing baseball, so my mind went from baseball to spring training, to spring is in the air.... I know, welcome aboard Lisa's train of thought, it may be a bumpy ride, but we'll get there eventually.

Anyhoo - I took some cute pictures of Abby at her very first practice this week (Isaac's is next week, so I'll post so then). I've been a bad sporty Mom (Dad has a good excuse, he's not sport oriented - AT ALL. Sorry babe, I love you, but you know it's true.) and not even taught my kids to play catch with a baseball. In fact they didn't even know how to put on a mitt or hold a bat until this week, when I was trying to cram the info into their little heads so that they at least looked like they had tried playing before. But it will be fun.

Here's Abby out on the playing field - it's hard to see, but she's in the pink shirt just to the right of her coach in the blue.

Here she is up to bat - and no, I'm not a psycho mom, I didn't make everybody wait while I took the pic. I just made her recreate the moment as soon as practice was over. OK, so maybe I'm a little psycho - the worst part is that she knew exactly what I was doing and played right along.

The post-practice rundown.

The huddle-up before being dismissed. They are the Tigers, so they all yelled, "Go Tigers". So cute.

Oh, and the biggest news of the day - I finally got my hair cut. It's only been a year. I'm totally serious - the last time I had it cut was in Utah. My good friend Elise gave me one last cut and color right before we moved at the end of March. Anyway, I always look slightly not like me when I take pics of myself, but you can see my cute hair.

I took this about 3 hours after it was cut and right before I put it back into the ponytail that I forever wear here - it's just too hot to have hair on the back of your neck during the day. But now I can actually wear it down if I'm so inclined. My friend, Jule, cut off about 5 inches of frizzy ends. I can't believe how long my hair had gotten. And I have to say that NO ONE has noticed that I even got it cut since I always wear it up, so they never know how long it really was.

And before you comment (quietly to yourself, I hope) that I look like I haven't gotten much sleep lately - I know, it's because I haven't. Just when you think life is getting into a normal routine and good sleep patterns are forming, you get a curve ball (keeping with the baseball theme) like 2 month shots, 2 people with stomach flu on different nights, and 3 yr olds who are just starting to wake up when they need to go potty at night and screaming at the top of their lungs while doing so (at least she was on the toilet, right?).

OK, OK, I have better, more productive things that needs to be accomplished. But I wanted to leave you with a thought that I just shared with Cameron. Tonight was a cop-out dinner, but the kids chose it. Never in a million years would they have eaten this in Utah - chicken nuggets (OK, they would have eaten that in Utah) and plain white rice on the side. They like it that way, plain. It's a Hawaii thing, and I'm glad that they like rice, it just still seems weird to me. But then they think they are native Hawaiians now and wonder (sometimes out load, I'm not joking) why their skin isn't any browner.


Fronk Family said...

Your hair is so cute! And I love your kids comment about brown skin. When we lived in Logan, we had several friends who had children with darker skin and Spencer used to ask the same thing!

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Girl, you look 12 freakin' years old. I hate you, I am sure. When your kids get married, the mother-in-law will look sixty and you will look 24! She will hate you, too, but in a nice way, like I do.

Any plans yet?