Wednesday, April 9, 2008

She's a poet and I didn't even know it.

I don't know if this is the first materpiece of a future poetic genius, or just the ramblings of a very hungry six-year-old. Either way it needs to be shared. By the way - she typed this up on the computer. She only asked my how to spell one word and then I had to wait to read it until she was done. The meter's a little off, but she's only six - and hey, what do I know about poetry, she's the genius.

Abby’s poem:
Spaghetti. Spaghetti.
I want spaghetti.

Give me spaghetti or else I will be crazy.

Funny thing, we didn't even have spaghetti for dinner. But she said it smelled like spaghetti - must have been the rice cooking. You see dinner was about 45 minutes late because I hit the wrong button on the rice cooker. It took my 20 minutes to realize that I hadn't seen any steam coming out of the vent. Oh well.


Fronk Family said...

She is a genius! And cute, too. What a great combo!

Elizabeth said...

ok, that was the sweetest little poem! She totally expressed her little thoughts through writing! omg, she's cute!

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Yes, she is a genius for sure. Amazing for a six year old. Tell Cameron I am waiting for him to email me and tell me how things are! Or you could email me. Somebody certainly should do it.