Thursday, April 24, 2008

Excuse me!

We've been trying to make an effort to all sit at the dinner table and eat together as a family. It's not easy since we have only a table built for 4, but we make it work long enough to eat. Tonight we had yummy Chicken Bombs - I will post the details on my recipe blog tomorrow. And as we all know, when eating dinner with children, the conversations always seem to take any interesting turn. The finer points of tonight's discussion included questions about how to make oneself burp on demand. Burping is of course fascinating and hilarious to children of all ages. And at some point I made the mistake of letting them know that I was a cool mommy and I could burp on demand. So tonight's conversing was basically them begging me to tell them how it was done. Which I did, you just have to swallow air and then push it back out of your stomach. But of course they can't do this yet - it took me years of practicing, though my brother had it down at an earlier age. And then my sister could never do it growing up - she never even burped naturally growing up. I wonder if she does now.... I'll have to ask her.
So now my children will continue to try to make themselves burp for many days to come. At least until they get bored of it. No harm done - I just hope they remember to day "excuse me."

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