Monday, April 7, 2008

I know - I'm a slacker!

I cannot believe how long it has been since I've posted! So sorry. I even remember thinking a couple of times, "oh, that would be perfect to blog today" but did I ever get to it? No. Do I even remember what any of those blog moments were? Not a clue. Oh well.

And I'm going to be a slacker yet again. Because I want to tell you about another blog that I read. Actually I read lots of great blogs - you can check them out over on the side bar. But the one I want to tell you about is A Feathered Nest. Abby is full of tons of cute and fun to make ideas. And she's hosting a Summer Fun Apron Swap!

She's a little obsessed with aprons (just a LITTLE). Now, I know some of you may not consider youselves to be crafty, and that even if you do, you may not sew. But for the rest of you - I thought this looked like fun. I'm totally going to do it. I'm already mentally planning what I'm going to do. Anyway - I just wanted to share the love. Come join us, you don't need to know her - I sure don't, other than through her blogging. Check out her blog for all the nitty-gritty details.

That's it for me today - Juliana is being a little grumpy right now, so I'm must go attend to her (doesn't that make her sound like a princess or something).

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Tina said...

I really miss having you close by where I could feed off your creativity! When I get back to Orem I'm going to have to find another stamping group.