Friday, October 10, 2008

My Fellow Favorite Bloggers and a Couple of Great Web Tools

I can't believe that I've been neglecting my blogger links! I had not added some of my great friends, and even my own sister! What was I thinking? I'm glad that my good friend Tonia (jokingly) wanted to know when she would get to be one of my favorites. You know you already are! But it's nice to be listed, isn't it. So take a minute to peruse the links to the right and check out the blogs that I follow.

Speaking of following blogs - have you guys tried GoogleReader? I used to just click through the links on my page, but that became pretty tedious. But then one day my friend
Audrey mentioned that she used GoogleReader to keep track of her blog reading, and I think it does news and other feeds as well, but I just use it to read all about you guys! Once you sign up for the service (just a google account, you know you all have one!) and enter in the feeds (blogs and others) that you want to subscribe to it will pull them up. Then everytime you open it it will only show anything that is new. Kind of cool. Check it out. There's only 2 things that I don't like about it, 1. I don't get to see everyone's cutesy blogs unless click in and actually go to the blog, and 2. I have a few private blogs that I read that I can't subscribe to (since they are private, obviously). But it's still a great way to keep up to date all in one place.

And I have to tell you about one other web tool that I absolutely love. It's I'm sure some of you out there have heard of it, but I just found out about it a couple of months ago. It's basically a radio station that you set up by telling the site what songs or artists you like and then it picks songs that have similar characteristics. It's been really interesting to see what music it plays for me. And while Cameron has tried it and isn't a big fan, I totally love it. It even plays songs that I used to love to listen to, but haven't heard in years, so as far as I'm concerned it works fantastically. I love to listen to it - especially while I'm doing the dishes or cleaning the house. There are no commercial breaks (since there are web ads on the page), you can pause it, rate the songs (it will move ahead if you click dislike), and you can skip songs, too (though it will only let you do that so many times in one session). Anyway, it's been fun and I feel like I have my own personal mix of songs to listen to.

Well, it's off to bed for me. We've had a busy week here hanging out with some friends from the mainland. Man, the sun just wipes me out and we've been to the beach and the Polynesian Cultural Center twice this week! I don't think my body's going to take much more. But at least the kids have been sleeping really well!


Kerry said...

I didn't even notice I wasn't on your blog-I'll have to check out google reader-right now I just go to my blog and click on my favorites to check out the other blogs!

Liz said...

i'm totally going to check out pandora. i love oldie songs that i haven't heard forever. and then i love secretly dancing to them in my apt.

oh, and you just cracked on my favorite color. for that, you are officially tagged. luv, lizzie :D

p.s. played with danielle for a bit. so sweet.

Karen Lambarth said...

Google Reader is excellent. i had to 'discover' it to get blogs to open in China. It was totally hit or miss, but I can at least read and see the cute photos!
You can see my life has been boring lately . . . no posts lately from me.
Beach and Pol. Center. . . is great, but definitely the sun is harsh, (read here: we've been doing tons of yard work!)