Monday, August 25, 2008

Putting your best foot forward

One day last month I got a phone call - at 5:15 in the morning! I, of course, was sound asleep when my phone rang. I didn't even look at the screen, I didn't care who was calling that early, if it was an emergency they would call again, right? A couple of hours later, as I was driving the kids to school, I listened to the message. Turns out it was my mom calling. At first I thought - oh maybe it was important, but no. She was calling because she and her friend Barb were at Target and there were a bunch of girls' sandels on clearance and she wanted to know my kids' shoe sizes! So I called her back and let her know the sizes - because what kids can't have too many pairs of sandels, especially here in Hawaii? But I also kindly reminded her that when she is called from Indiana there is a 6 hour time difference and that I would prefer not to be called at 5 in the morning in the future.
A couple of days later she said that she did indeed find some cute sandels and that she would be sending the package from Michigan before she left my Grandma's house. This was over 3 weeks ago.
Well, the package FINALLY arrived. It was mailed on July 29th - hows that for priority mail!?! Usually things shipped priority from anywhere on the mainland take more than the normal 2 or 3 days to get here, but 3 weeks? I was beginning to give up hope. But the wait was worth it. The kids were so excited when they saw I was carrying a package out of the office today after school. They knew what it was.

So I thought I would share a few photos I took of my silly children and their new shoes.

First, Abby and Danielle, they're both girls and can appreciate a good thing when they see it. They promptly put on the pair they fancied most and wore them for the rest of the day. This is quite a feat for Danelle as she usually plays outside without any shoes on.

Isaac had the regular boy reaction - he got really excited, put them on, but then they were cast off again as soon as something cooler came along, in this case back to back episodes of Phenius and Ferb on the Disney Channel.

But Juliana's reaction was by far the best - shoes, I don't need no stinkin' shoes! But I love these new toys you bought me.

Thanks Grandma for the new toys, er - shoes that you sent. Maybe someday soon Juliana will actually let me put them on her feet.


Karen Lambarth said...

Glad they finally made it!
Juliana. . . . however she wants to use them!

Fronk Family said...

Love the pic of Juliana 'eating' her shoes. That is so cute!

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Such cute pictures and you better feed that baby. I see her skinny little legs. Holey Moley!