Saturday, August 9, 2008

Living in the Age of the Blogger

So I'm in the kids' room, tonight, with all 4 children, getting ready for bed. The older 3 have all been fed, bathed, pajama-ed, even had their finger- and toe-nails trimmed. They're all being a little bit silly and between the 4 of us, we manage to get Juliana laughing pretty hard. Now she giggles a little here and there and has recently begun screaming in delight (which is cute, but gets old real fast), but she doesn't get to laughing real hard a whole lot. So we're all enjoying her laugh and laughing with her, which of course makes her laugh harder.

All of the sudden Abby says, "Mom, we have to put this on your blog!"
And Isaac says, "Yeah, on your blog."

PS - Though Cameron wasn't there in the moment, we did a fairly decent reenactment for him shortly after the incident, but of course Juliana wouldn't laugh for us.... sigh. Oh well.


Karen Lambarth said...

Thanks Abby! What an excellent idea!
I can almost hear it! Helps me see Juliana as an older baby.

Kerry said...

I bet you guys all got to bed on time!