Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy {Belated} Valentine's Day

We don't really do much to celebrate Valentine's Day at our house. Neither Cameron or I have really cared for the holiday, so we just don't do it. People boo at us all the time, but oh well, boo all you want - it won't make any difference. Seriously, there are only 2 things that I do every year for Valentine's day - the first is that my kids all get new shirts to wear for the occasion, of course I totally forgot to take a picture this year, we were running late for school Friday, which is when they were wearing them. The second is valentines for school. Like everything else here in Hawaii, people tend to go a little overboard with the valentines, so I decided to do something fun with the kids this year. And I think it turned out pretty cute:

Here's what they were really supposed to look like (and here's the link to the instructions, if anyone wants it)

- but I made up my own ghetto version, because I wanted to use less supplies, what I already had on-hand, and take less time to finish them. And I think it worked. The kids just rip them open and gobble them down anyway, right?

For dinner we had Chicken Pot Pie - the recipe of which I will put up on my recipe blog - No, it's not actually there yet....but I will get it there this week - I promise!

It's very yummy, and decently easy. Could definitely be cooked ahead and frozen for later, but I haven't yet been motivated enough to do that. Though....I do have some friends that want to do a Big Cook soon, so maybe I'll put this on my list. Even the kids will eat it - well most of them, but then Abby doesn't like anything, so she doesn't really get a vote anymore.

I thought briefly about adding some red food coloring to make the insides pink, but then decided not to since Cameron wasn't too hip on the green Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup I made for St. Patrick's day one year. The kids would have thought it was cool though.

Well, that's about it for me. I'm excited to post my first Simply Monday tomorrow, though it will probably be later in the day, so most of you won't see it until Tuesday - sorry. I'm planning to drive into town (Honolulu) tomorrow for some things -and I'm pretty excited, I haven't been to town in over a month because I just send my Wal-mart and Sam's list with Cameron when he goes to his doctor's appointment there - it seems silly to waste gas when he's already going. But have some other errand taking me down that way, and it's a holiday so I don't have school. On the minus side, that means the kids don't have school either, so they will probably be going with me, but it will be fun.

Alright, off to bed with me. But I did want to leave you with a quote my Auntie put on her blog the other day that I just fell in love with. I'm serious - I think I've going to embroiderer and frame it. OK, well, maybe just print it off really nice and tape it to the wall. It reminds me of that country song "Bring on the Rain" - I think that's what it's called, I know Tim McGraw sang back-up....ok, hold on I have to look it up now. OK, it's Jo Dee Massina and here's the video to boot (I love that I know how to put videos in now).

And after all that - here's the quote.

Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about learning to dance in the rain.


Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Lisa, you are the most clever in the land. I LOVED the valentines. So cute.

Your pot pie looks delicious. I will check out your cookbook blog later in the week.

Post a picture of the kids in their T-shirts later, okay?

Love you,
Auntie Rain Dancer

Kerry said...

Man I wanted to see your cheap version of the valentines-and they were cute! Was there stuff inside too?

That is a fabulous quote-use it in your next church talk or something!

Eric and I try to do a date around Valentine's Day but don't do flowers or cards or gifts-so we're sort of like you guys. It's really an excuse to for sure go on a date since we're really bad at actually getting a sitter and all that. I get flowers when I tell Eric I'd like some-and that's it-but it works well for us.

Karen Lambarth said...

I agree the ipods were cute.
The Pie looked gorgeous and I love that kind of stuff but I can't remember ever making it myself. As long as I don't put peas in I should be ok. I haven't checked the recipe yet.
I too want to see the kids together in their shirts!
Good quote. I'm not a consistent 'dancer'!