Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Goals and Aspirations for the (ahem) New Year

OK, so it's already the middle of February, but I still thought I'd share. There's nothing too particularly exciting, and it's a short list, but I'm looking forward to working on them. To help me keep on track I'm going to try making some new blog features on to find out.

1. Organize and Simplify: Doesn't that sound so easy? Really, this is the one that I want the most, will take the most work, but will also have the greatest reward. But it is a complicated goal. I want it all organized, the house, life, school, and whatever else I can think of. I think that this is the ultimate goal for everyone when you come right down to it. Since this alone can be a totally overwhelming task, I'm trying to break it down into smaller bits. If I were really organized I'd assign different bits to each month and concentrate on that area only during that month and then build on it. That was the original idea, which is why it's taken me so long to get to this post. And since I haven't done that part yet, I've just decided to move forward anyway. So, I'm still going to concentrate on just a bit here and there, but not on a schedule, just as I see the need I guess. So each week I'm going to come up with something to concentrate on for the week and then revisit it for the next week and see if I need to work on it more or if it's time to move on. To do this I'm going to try (I'm not promising anything here) instigating what I will call Simply Monday. Each Monday I will talk about what I have and have not done from last week and what I will work on this week. I've already got some things in the works for Monday, but I'm going to save them, so you'll just have to tune in then.

2. Keep up the Good Work: I've been pretty good about exercising so far this year, but that's only because I've been taking my jogging class again. When it ends in a couple of week I'm not really so sure what I've going to do. I want to keep exercising, keep the momentum going, but I know from past experience that I have a had time doing that without a grade to motivate me. And I have considered taking the class again for the second half of the semester, but I just can't seem to bring myself to do it. So along the same lines as Simply Monday, I am going to try out something I've seen on other blogs called "Weigh-In Wednesday" and my totally cute friend Elise does something similar on her own. But it will help to keep me accountable for my successes and failures in this area. So each Wednesday I will hopefully (again - I'm not promising anything here) report of my efforts for the last week and what I want to change up or add for the coming week. Am I going to start today you ask? Well, we'll see if I get to it. It always takes more time to post than I think it's going to.

3. Create: I've really got so much stuff going on that I don't get a chance to exercise my creativity as much as I'd like. I miss "having" to scrapbook each month for my monthly hostess club with Close to My Heart. It was the perfect excuse to scrap. And while I haven't done much scrapping here in Hawaii, I would love to. And I have been doing other crafty things. Here and there. But I would like it to be more regular. Even monthly would be great right now. So I will try to do something monthly and share it with all of you. But now my problem is, should it be Monthly Masterpiece or Crafty Concoction? While monthly masterpiece sounds better, I'm more of a "concoction" type of gal. Hmmm, I'll have to think about it. Or maybe I'll come up with something completely different - or maybe you will! If you do, tell me, tell me, please.

Really that's pretty much it - everything that I want to work on, to better in my life, pretty much fits into one of these 3 catagories, they are just smaller details of the bigger picture. So as I want to focus on them specifically I will choose those for my weekly posts.
And yes, this post to WAY more time than I thought it would. Seriously - almost an hour. Granted there is a baby that has been constantly crawling in and out of my lap the whole time, but still. Well, I better get a move on, I haven't even had breakfast yet and it's almost time for lunch - Yikes!


bullswife said...

Does the name of the third goal have to have alliteration? What about like "Simply Crafty"? To me the other names would give me too much pressure, like I'd have to come up with something fantastic. Simply crafty would just be something fun and enjoyable. Anyway, that's my two cents!

Kerry said...

I never even make new year's resolutions because they never work out-I don't have enough determination I guess.

My friend invited me to walk in the mall-I went like 1 week and then we got sick and now I just forget..oh well.

You could fit jogging into your day-like leave to pick up Danielle 30 minutes early-jog a bit with Julianna if need be then get Danielle and walk home-you can still exercise but not way in the wee hours of the morning.

This year I really want to submerge myself in the scriptures-I tend to read the Ensign and Friend more minutes a day than scriptures-and teaching the YW I feel like I should know them better-but I have a really hard time finding time-because I don't want to wake up before 6am! If I read them at night-it doesn't help me be more patient and loving with the kids-which I need-so it's just crazy.

Anyway-no fun stuff for you..sorry.

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Lisa, you are amazing! How I will love checking back to see what you have done.

What about a Friday post called Weekend Fun or something like that? You could report on what fun thing you have planned for date night or for Saturday with the kids.