Wednesday, May 28, 2008

An Amazing Birthday for an Amazing Girl

Our dearest little Abby turned 7 years old on Monday. I can hardly believe it. She is turning into such an amazing little woman. I don't know how we got so lucky.

We had a great party on Monday for her. Since it was a holiday there was no school - she thought that was great. Her party was in the afternoon -she wanted a beach party, at a specific beach (her favorite) known to the locals as Alligator Pond.

Here is the invitation - that's real sand and real shells. Ok, so I unstrung a shell lei to get the shells, but they're still real. And the sand actually came from the playground - I never quite made it to the beach to collect some, it's not a quick stop, you can see beaches from the road, but you have to pull over, find a place to park, run down to the sand.... It just didn't happen, so I had Abby collect some playground sand and that worked great!

Here is the birthday girl wearing a beautiful lei that some friends gave her.

And here's the actual beach. The reason that it's called Alligator Pond is because that big rock you see is shaped exactly like an alligator. Really, it is. the side to the left of the photo, where all the kids are, is the nose - and it's a great jumping off spot as the water right under the nose is where it's the deepest, only about 4 feet. There is also what Isaac calls the 'hot tub' where the sand meets the alligator - a big hole in the rock that has water in it, just right for exploring in. And there are more rocks just under the surface all around the 'pond' so the waves don't come in the little playing area you see here. Needless to say the kids absolutely love this beach.

This also happened to be Juliana's first time in the ocean. We've taken her to the beach a couple of times, but she always falls asleep - which she also did this time, but she woke up before the party was over, so daddy took her in for dip. At first she didn't really know what to think, but then she was enjoying herself. She even got a little upset when I took her out to dry off.

Oh, and I took a little video of every singing to Abby. And you can see my awesome cake! Abby picked it out and it was surprisingly easy to do. And it just looked so cute.

I have SO many other things that I want/need to post - like baseball footage of Isaac, pics of my latest projects (one being the apron I made for my swap which turned out fabulous, by the way - but I'm not going to post until I get it postal, so my swap buddy can't peek!), cute pics of the baby, oh and I will be posting a great and so easy brownie recipe I've been using lately - it's so easy that I don't think I'll be buying mixes anymore, they are outlandishly expensive here anyway.

Until the next time;)

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