Wednesday, May 13, 2009

May Day

Some of you may have been around for last year's May Day - so you understand just how HUGE of a deal it is. For the rest of you....well, you'll see. {if you want to see last year's post click here}

This year the them was One World, so there were dances from all over the world. Danielle (and the other preschoolers) did Tahiti. The kindergarteners, Isaac, did Italy, and the 2nd graders, Abby, did India (Bollywood). I think out of the whole show these were the 3 best numbers - but I could just be biased.
Here's the three of them together in their costumes

Danielle with some of her cute classmates. No, she wasn't the only one in pink.

Isaac so cute in his Italian wear

Abby as the charming Indian princess

I have some video footage of each of them that I will try to post later. But right now I have a very cranky baby squirming around in my lap - so I should probably put her down for a nap.


Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Those kiddies are absolutely darling! I suppose their mother made the costumes? Again, beautiful children. You are very blessed.

Kerry said...

Thank you-it's good to see what your kids look like-and showing us the fun you're having!

Tonia said...

SO ADORABLE! The costumes turned out great! I still remember your first "May Day" there, why does time go so fast?

Karen Lambarth said...

Being TOTALLY objective: Those are the cutest kids ever!
Isaac is smiling, that is so nice to see. He has matured and willing to smile more, excellent!
Thanks for the pics!

Elise and Danny Neilsen said...

So Cute! I dod see your post last year about May day but I decided to look back anyway! I can't believe how big they have gotten! Wow! They sure look cute! :) Love the costumes!