Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Weigh-In Wednesday?

So my Weigh-In Wednesdays don't seem to be going like I'd hoped, and I just don't have the time to put into it right now. So in the spirit of Simply Monday - I'm giving it up. I'm simplifying. I'm enjoying Simply Monday much more - Weigh-in Wednesday just makes me feel guilty. Oh well. I am still going to try to work on eating better and exercising, but at least now I won't have to feel bad if it just doesn't happen during the week.

So here are my goals in the health department - I'll try to update you now and again, but no longer weekly.
1. I am working on my menu planning, trying to plan healthier meals, as well as just planning in general so that we're not just eating whatever I can come up with at the last minute.
2. I am still trying to find a good time to get moving everyday....I just can't seem to get myself up earlier in the morning and after that I get wrapped up in daily life. I have been trying to walk more when I can, so hopefully that will keep me going for now.
3. Have healthier things around to snack on. Too bad I don't stop eating when I'm stressed - then I'd be losing no problem, though not really the healthiest way to go.

Alright, back to homework I go. I'm doing pretty good with this planning ahead thing so far.


Tonia said...

I am right with you, so don't feel bad!

Karen Lambarth said...

I'm with Tonia . . . . . feeling guilty does NOT make things easier!
Work on simple.

Dad and I will be home tomorrow.

Naihe Family said...

HEY!@!!!!! So I just found the piece of paper that you had written your blog on, I know a year later. k, so your kids are ADORABLE I saw the christmas pic!!! HOLY CUTE!!! Love that danelle has no shows. It reminds me of my own :) We have a blog too, We are coming back to the island on the 24th. Long adventure away, and ready to come home. Hope to see you soon!!!!