Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Little Elbow Grease and Some Fun in the Sun

Today was such an amazingly productive day. And it was really a lot of fun. The morning was spent sorting out, organizing, and cleaning a good portion of the apartment - Thanks Lor! It's so much easier and a lot more fun when you have a friend to do it with. I can't believe how much we got acomplished just while the kids were at school this morning. And then when everyone was home and homework completed we headed out to the beach.

We just went down to Temple Beach, as we wanted to be able to walk there. The waves were just perfect - fun to play in, but didn't scare my children to death. (Come on, we've leaved here a year and a half and they're still scare of the waves! What are we doing wrong?) The weather was perfect and a good time was had be all. Especially Lorelei and her son who had just found out that it was freezing rain back home while they were frolicking on the hot sand. So I thought I'd share a few pics of the day for your viewing pleasure.
This first one is the coolest picture of a snail I've ever seen. Lor's son was given the assignment of emailing a pic to his 4th grade class each day that he is missing school while he's here. This was the one that he sent today. He went out this morning and promptly found 3 fat snails in a small palm tree and was absolutely thrilled. Just wait until he sees some the of the massive ones around here - but for now this was plenty of excitement for him.

This I had to include, because although you can't really see it, Abby is actually holding a sand crab. Am I sure this is a picture of my daughter? Why yes, I am - I was there, but I still have a hard time believing it. And she looks so calm and everything. Crazy.
And this is my favorite shot of the day. Easy to see why - she's a cutie.
We ended this day with a night of fun and friends at my ward's Enrichment night. And I told my friend Liz that I would blog about it, but I have since decided to use the project I started as a Christmas present, so I can no longer reveal the the crafty adventures of the evening without spoiling a surprise for someone - sorry Liz. But I will say that we had KILLER pumpkin soup, made by Liz herself, as part of the refreshments and as soon as I get my little hands on that recipe I will be posting it. The lemon bars were dang tasty, too - so ditto on that one. Now you have lots of yumminess to look forward to.
Oh, one last thing. Per my Auntie's request, I have added a "follower" gadget over here on the right side of the page. So now you, too, can be a follower of Lisa (and the rest of the Petersons) at only a click of a mouse. Why wait - do it now. You know you want to. Do it. Hurry up, I'm waiting.......


Elise and Danny Neilsen said...

OKay so my favorite picture is the one of Juliana and the reason why is because I just want to love on all those rolls on her knees! She is a cutie! Seriously her chub is to die for!!! :)

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

What a great post, showing us a bit of your life and pictures to boot. Loved them all and I want some of those dang lemon bars. Grr. Pumpkin soup? Hum, I'll have to see the recipe. I made some butternut squash soup that was delish so maybe pumpkin....