Thursday, November 20, 2008

HELP - Stephenie, are you out there?

OK, I have a TON of things to blog about this week, but I don't have time! I will try to get on this weekend for full updates. But in the mean time, I promised my hubby that I would post this plea on my blog for him:

In an effort to get his 13-14 yr. old Sunday School students more involved in reading their Book of Mormon he made a promise to them, that he may not be able to keep. For this reason, he is asking for help. You see, at the time of said promise the final book in Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series has just come out. I'm sure you've heard of it, a little book called, Breaking Dawn. Cameron was very frustrated by the fact that most of these teenagers could manage to read the 750 pages of Breaking Dawn in about 4 days, but they couldn't manage to read the few pages of chapters in the Book of Mormon that were assigned for the week. In an instant he had an epiphany and told his class that if they would read the Book of Mormon, in its entirety before Christmas, he would give them a copy of Breaking Dawn. Not just any copy, but a signed copy. And not just any signature, Stephenie Meyer's. Now this is a great thought and has been an excellent motivator for at least one student, but unfortunately Cameron didn't do any research before this moment of "inspiration" and it turns out there were very few book signings for this book. So a signed copy of Breaking Dawn is VERY hard to come by. In fact they are going for about $200 on Ebay. So this is where the plea for help comes in - if anyone knows Stephenie (or anyone close to her) and could somehow help us get into contact with her, that would be fabulous. We're willing to do whatever it takes (even if we do end up buying one online) to fulfill his promise, but we're really hoping that we can plead our case and Stephenie will take mercy on us.

So, long story short:

Know a vampire author? Save us a buck!

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Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Dear coughfunnybutwithgoodintentionscough family,

Wish I knew Stephenie but alas, I know hardly any famousness of the Vampire kind. I DID put this plea on my blog but the only people who read it are my dearly deprated mother, and probably not even her--"Hi Mom, if you're there"--she probably reads yours and my irreverent family members who call me old and moldy so you probably won't get help from my blog. I do wish you buckets of luck.