Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Is anyone still there?

I know I've been totally slacking on the blogging duties lately. And I know that you all forgive me since I'm adjusting to baby in the form of much less portable packaging - but oh so much cuter than my big 'ol belly. But regardless, I've been meaning to at least tell the birth story. But first a few photos:
Here's her little tooties.
I think this one is my favorite pictures of her. She's so sweet and starting to get a little chubby in the cheeks!
OK, on with the story, or I will never make it to bed.
I had an agreement with my doc that if I made it to my due date he would put in for an inductions - we couldn't do it any sooner or the insurance wouldn't pay for it, so I settled for my due date. Doc was still doing it grudgingly, but I told him I wasn't waiting any longer.
So, the morning of February 19th I woke up at 6am and called the hospital. They said to come on down and be there by 8am - there wasn't anyway I was going to make it by then, but I didn't tell them that! So I woke up the kids and got them ready for school and sent then over to the neighbors house for a ride to school and then it was off to the hospital. Cameron had to go into work for a meeting in the morning, so he came up to the hospital a few hours later.
I ended up at the hospital around 8:30 (I knew I wouldn't make it by 8) and they got me changed and labeled and all that good stuff. They took all my stats and checked my dialation,I was at 3cm+, and started my petocin around 9:30. The morning was pretty slow going. They kept coming in and adjusting my petocin doses - everytime they turned it up my contractions would just get more frequent and not stronger, so they'd have to turn it down again and try smaller increments.
Meanwhile the anesthesiologist (yes, I had to look up how to spell it) came in and did her little speil and had me sign all the paperwork for my epidural. Now I just have to interject here before I continue - this is the only time that I've had the anesthesiologist come in early and talk to me and sign when I'm not in huge amounts of pain and don't really care what they are saying and will sign over my life if I had to. It just makes good sense to do it earlier when I'm still in my right mind. 5 stars for that doctor - because that's not hospital procedure, that's something she does because she thinks it's just smarter. Leave it to a female doctore to figure that out.
So fast forward a couple of hours to about 2pm. My contrations were finally strong enough and regular enough, so they decided they would check my progress (FINALLY, they hadn't checked since I first got the hospital) and I was at 6-7cm. We chatted about breaking my water and when I wanted my epidural and we agreed that we would move me over to the delivery room (don't ask - the hospital is in the middle of a huge remodel), get my epidural and then break my water. That sounded like a great plan to me, so of course that's not how it was meant to be....
And now I'm going to have to leave you hanging for part 2 of the birth story. I promise it will be soon. Cause I'm just getting to the good part. But I've got a 3 yr old that is so exhausted she won't go to sleep and my poor mom is trying to keep Juliana from crying so I can finish this post.


Moffitt Mania said...

So presh! I was wondering where you went...but also knew you are super busy with your little baby!
Is Gma coming out?

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Well, you take the cake. That baby is just the cutest. I mean it. The cutest.

Can't wait to hear the rest of the story, expecially since you say it didn't go according to plans.

Trent's wife had her 7th on Tuesday. Another boy, that makes five and they "say" they are done as the car only holds nine but we'll see.

Congratulations, my dear. You are the winner.

Fronk Family said...

Gorgeous pictures. Anxiously awaiting the rest of the birth story!