Saturday, July 3, 2010

Unexpected Choices

Well, as some of you, perhaps even most of you, know there are exciting happens going on in the Peterson household. Most of which at the moment involve packing and moving yet one more time, but not to where we expected. Not that it's a secret, but I don't really want to publish it on the world-wide web until it's official and all the papers are sign and what not, so it will still be a while. Until then, if you happen to talk to one of us you'll probably hear the news. So if you are SO anxious that you can't wait a few more weeks to find out what's going on you'll have to either call or email. Otherwise I promise an update with details as soon as I can.

PS - for those of you who don't want to look it up ;) our email is


ashley said...

hey! where are you off too? are you living across from hukilau? i saw your van there. anyways, funny i have not run into you, i saw cameron and the kids at the el school a few months ago. they are all getting so big, crazy!
and so sad about the freaking ukus. nasty. i dread the day... cause it's not if but when right? :(

Kerry said...

I hope all is well! I think we'll be moving in the spring and I'm not looking forward to that-and this house is going on the market..not looking forward to living like that either!

Brandon started school today was his first real day, yesterday was short and evaluations-so it's exciting!

Love you lots!


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