Thursday, February 11, 2010

We're in the news!

So as most of you know I'm doing my student teaching this semester. I'm working in a 4th grade classroom in the local area and it's so much fun.... OK, a lot of work, but really a lot of fun, most of the time. I think 4th grade is my limit though - they are already starting to get that older "tween" attitude that I just don't handle that well.

ANYWAY - we just got back from a fieldtrip today. It was actually a sleepover that started last night. We stayed at the Bishop Museum in town, checking out some of their exhibits and then sleeping up in the "Treehouse" which is conveniently located over the top of an artifical volcano. It was a lot of fun - and very exhausting. But this morning we had some time to kill before the bus was to pick us up for the nest leg of our trip and the museum staff asked if our class would be willing to play in the new, not yet opened Circus exhibit for a live news shoot they had this morning. And so we did! Check it out:

I have just a small cameo, but the kids had a ton of fun and we didn't have to sit out in the rain while waiting for the bus!

The rest of the trip was fun, too. We hit the Mission House Musuem and learned about how Hawaiian came to be a langage that was written in the 1800s (before that it was only spoken). It was pretty cool, too. Though I am glad to be home. And I'm also glad it's a 4 day weekend - we have a furlough Friday and Monday's a holiday - I'm a little tired of my not-always-such-good-listeners for now, but I'll be ready for them again bright and early Tuesday morning.


IWA (e - va) said...

that was cool! my kid did the sleepover last year... i didnt go though.. i sent my pregnant sister to go sleep on the hard floor with her!

Love the cameo!

Kerry said...

That's right it's a holiday--enjoy it! I wish I was enjoying it with Mom & Dad!!