Thursday, October 8, 2009

Just a little update

Some of you may know that Cameron's been having some medical issues as of late. (And now, of course, the rest of you are wondering what is going on....well, you're just gonna have to keep wondering. Sorry, hope it doesn't keep you up at night. Nothing life-threatening.) Well he wanted me to let everyone know that he's doing good. Things seem to be working like they should. However his memory has been severely effected, especially over the last couple of weeks. So, if you haven't heard from him lately, or don't for a little while, that is why. He still loves you - it's just hard to email with you don't remember your passwords:) And don't hate him if he has absolutely no recollection of the conversation you just had with him 2 days ago. Actually, I think it's been hardest on him, since he knows that he's forgetting things, but doesn't know what it is he's forgotten.....I think that made sense.

But seriously, he's doing as good as can be expected right now and we're hopeful that some of his medical problems will at least be greatly lessened and much easier to live with. We know that many of you keep him and our family in your prayers and we are very grateful for that. Know that we think and and pray for you all as well.


Ami said...

Let Uncle C know we are thinking of him and praying for you guys. Miss you, hope to see you this summer.

Kerry said...

Thank you for the update-it's nice to know things are going okay.

Things are crazy here too-looking for a job and all that.

Tonia said...

Let him know we think of him often and are hoping for the best outcome! Good Luck!

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Lisa, thank you SO much for keeping us updated. We have been worrying and keep asking Julie how he is but she says when she talks to him he says, "Lisa, how am I?" How funny is that?

Our love to all of you.

Colette said...

Hi Lisa,

It's always fun to look at your blog and see what your family is up to. I hope things go well for Cameron. Sounds like life is busy in Hawaii - congratulations on your student teaching!

Thanks for keeping us all informed.


hillary said...

Your life makes me need a nap. All that you do, and that Cameron, he makes me crazy some but you can't help but love him. I hope all is well (or will be soon). Of course we're praying but we're ALSO rooting for you.

Tally HO! said...

Love to you from the Russians!