Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I haven't forgotten!

I haven't forgotten about you all - I promise. Just have been really busy with some projects due last week and finishing up other work. The end of the semester is next week, so it's crunch time! But the good news is that I have 10 days off before school starts up again - and I didn't even know this until yesterday. And by then my kids will be back to school.....ah, heaven! I can't wait, I need a little break.

Back to my original thought - I will try to get my post up tonight with the winner of the recipe binder and the next step in menu planning! Speaking of which, I haven't seen a whole lot of dinner lists..... HOP TO IT LADIES! I wanna see 'em!

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Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Here's my past meal list.

Sunday--water--throw it up--throw it ALL up. All day throw it up.

Monday--water--almost throw it up--broth.

Tuesday--hot chocolate and toast--that was a MAJOR mistake which sounded good at the time--water--broth--sherbet--a minor mistake

Wednesday----water--broth--water--spinach and rice--almost a major mistake--sherbet--a minor mistake.

Enchiladas are on the docket for Sunday. Until then I'm not planning anything stronger than...water and broth and sherbet.