Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Day 3 & 4: Church and Mice

Well, I'd like to say that the reason I haven't been posting more of our Christmas adventure is that I've been busy doing things around the house. Not that that's totally untrue, but I definitely haven't been getting as much done as I'd like to. I only have about 5 things on my To-do list, but I've only been able to cross off 2 and those took longer than they should have. But I will tell you that a large piece of things not getting done around here is this game:

We've played other online games, but we just started this one and it's really fun. Unfortunately it's not terribly popular (yet) and there's no computer 'bots' to play against, so you have to have 3 real, live people to play and no one can quit or the game's over. Sooooooooo check it out - come play with us! Go to this website {Days of Wonder} and sign up to be a new player. It's free to be a guest, that basically means that you can't start your own games, you have to join someone else's game. And you can change you're username to something more interesting than 'guest######' after you sign up. I'm serious. We could all play together, it would be fun. We're always looking for more players. There's other games on the website you can play, too.

OK, now onto the next installment of Christmas Vacation 2008 (only because I really should be doing dishes and I don't want to).

So we left off with Universal Studios on Saturday. Sunday we went to church with Cameron's brother's family and then drove down to Escondido to check into our condo for the week. We met Cameron's parents there - he talked them into coming down from Utah to spend the week with us and watching Juliana a couple of days for us. This was so nice - because while Juliana was a great sport on the days that she was with us, it was much easier to do the parent/child shuffle without her in the mix.

So Monday we headed off to day one of Disneyland/California Adventure and Juliana stayed behind with a grandma that was SO happy to finally meet her. We ended up spending the entire day at California Adventure until we went over for the Christmas Main Street Parade in the evening. We really enjoy the rides at CA and there was a new Toy Story ride that was quickly a favorite among us all - it was a 3D shoot-em-up carnival games things. Tons of fun.

The day was still a little chilly, but there was just enough rain to keep the crowds away, but not enough to worry about really getting wet. It was just perfect. There were even a few rides that we could just stay on as many times as we wanted. I think the longest we waited all day was about 5 mins. Seriously. It was pretty much walk right on for everything.

Here's the kids in their Toy Story 3D glasses. Cameron and I decided that you can easily measure a person intelligence level by when they put their glasses on (you still have quite a bit of line to go between the glasses and the ride start). I would say more than 1/2 of the adults there would put them on as soon as they pick them up and then walk around with them on through the rest of the line. Come on people - the real world is already in 3D. You don't need the glasses until you're actually on the ride. Well - If they were a little more fashionable I guess I could see it.

The kids being silly on the parking tram - I think we were headed to the car for lunch. I never did quite catch Danielle's original face, I made her do it over and over for the camera - it's never the same.

This time we not only saw Mickey and Minnie, but we got to get a picture and a hug from both of them. Aren't they so cute in their winter/holiday garb?

It was a really fun day, but exhausting. We decided on the way back to the condo that we were going to take a break the next day, sleep in and do some grocery shopping. Of course, because Tuesday was the MOST beautiful day of the whole week.

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Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

What? You can measure a person's intelligence by when they put their 3-D glasses on? I've had mine on since New Year's Day. Am I the smartest one you've seen? Am I, huh?