Friday, July 11, 2008

Movin' On Up

I've determined that there is nothing worse than a house in a continual state of complete chaos - oh wait! Yes, there is! It's TWO houses in continual states of complete choas!

Today is the first of 4 days that we have to move into our new place and clean and check out of the old. And it's been loads of fun - let me tell you! Pick up a load of stuff, down the stairs, walk 75 feet, up the stairs, and then depending on where the stuff goes, up the stairs again. A tedious process that is about 1/4 complete, but we weren't working at full speed or capacity today, so hoepfully we'll get most of the big stuff done tomorrow, finish up with the little stuff Sunday (after church, of course) and then clean the old place on Monday. I didn't have anything else I needed to do this weekend, right?

I will take pictures soon - maybe tomorrow if I remember. The floor plan is so much better, the 2 main bedrooms are smaller, but much more space - and the 3rd bedroom, which is really a loft, is a nice big, though strangley configured space. We're planning to use that as an office/craft/storage room for now. I would like to use that as the master bedroom, but it is open to the living room below and so the AC wouldn't work out too well. We'll see. We've heard that it stays nice and cool at night up there, so maybe we'll move up later.

Well, I'm dog tired and have a lot to do again tomorrow. I've started another post with pics from the 4th of July and other family newsy stuff. I'll try to get it up soon.


Fronk Family said...

congrats on moving to a new place. That is always tiring, but exciting!!

Embejo said...

Hi there, It's Erin here from NZ. I was just wondering if you have received your apron yet? You were my apron swap buddy for the Summer Apron Swap. I sent it ages ago...hope it got there safely. Let me know.